VIDEO: Oksana Fandera was surprised by the piercings on the “soft” parts of the body

ВИДЕО: Оксана Фандера удивила пирсингом на «нежной» части тела
49-year-old actress tends to be young fashion.

A new video posted on Instagram Oksana Fandera has become the object of attention of her fans. In it the actress, to their surprise, showed… piercing in the tongue! And, apparently, she did it recently. Anyway, before Oksana never showed it, and on photos and videos two weeks ago and not seen even a hint of a puncture in her language.

Oksana Fandera

Photo: @veriga10 Instagram Oksana Fandera

An unusual accessory in the mouth Fandera noticed before, the most attentive fans during a performance an actress in the hit driving the car. “Piercing? Come on! And I can’t decide!”, “Wow, wow… unexpected!” wrote Oksana.

Language is a quite delicate part of body so piercing it heals long. Until complete healing may take several months. The first week after this it is impossible to eat familiar food, besides there is a strong swelling of the tongue. The effect of the perforations prevents there are only meals, but also to talk, because the first time the owner of the piercing there has been a violation of diction.