Video of the last performances of Oleg Popov

Видео последнего выступления Олега Попова

One of the spectators shot on a mobile phone the famous room with Sunny Bunny shown by the clown October 30 of this year in Rostov-on-don, and became his last…

Circus, Oleg Popov died on 2 November during a tour of Russia on 87-m to year of life. His body in a hotel room, found the wife, went on tour with him. It is assumed that a farewell to Popov will be held at the Great Moscow circus, and he will be buried in Germany.

A few days ago, the audience of Rostov-on-don, watched the most famous room of a clown “Sunny Bunny”, had no idea that they would be the last person to see him at the circus… Now videovystuplenie Popov, which was uploaded on the YouTube channel, browse millions.

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Oleg Popov, recall, remember children and adults in the image of the Sun clown in wide striped pants and a plaid cap. In his submissions he used all kinds of genres – from parody to acrobatics and juggling. Their most popular rooms in addition to the “Sunny Bunny” was a “Cook” and “Whistle”.

He made his stage debut in 1951, when he was 21, in the Saratov circus. Then the priests moved to Moscow, where for a long time performing in Great Moscow state circus at the metro station “University”. Also the clown toured abroad, and from 1991 to 2015 lived and worked in Germany.

The actor was married twice. His first wife was a violinist and artist of the circus of Alexander I., who died of cancer in 1990. And the second is Gabriel Lehman, whom he met in Austria.

Popov remained daughter Olga, from his first marriage, which at first acted with him in the circus, and then left her career for family. She currently lives with her husband in Germany. She has two children – Eugene and Vera, and his grandson Maximilian.