Video of the day: sparrows and erotic dance with a stranger

Видео дня: Воробьев и его эротический танец с незнакомкой

Alex tired to suffer for the bitter end show “the Bachelor.” The actor had a ball and seeks solace in the arms of the Moscow ladies.

The network got the video from one of the private parties, where you can see how Alex is having fun with unknown girl. Hot dances, hugs – I think a broken heart Vorobyov already on the road to recovery. Later it turned out that the mysterious stranger was assistant Emin Agalarov Volume. The girl is not married, and Alex is absolutely free, so who knows, maybe these dances will result in a hot summer romance.

The girl shared a racy video on his page in Instagram, one of which was accompanied by the caption. “Soon all music. channels, sensational news! Mystery solved. Follow the news,” intrigued by its subscribers Volume.

How do we know that this hot blonde will help Alexey Vorobyov forget all the disappointment of “the Bachelor.”

Crazy @mr.alexsparrow

Video posted by |||Tamara||| (@pikapypik) Jun 28, 2016 3:08 PDT

Alex and Tom met at the cocktail party on the occasion of the inauguration of the boutique U-BOAT. After the official part of the restaurant Rose Bar hosted the after-party, where he played Alexei Vorobyov, Arsenium, Artik & Asti, Thomas Nevergeen, actors P. C. Leps, as well as his musical gift did djigan.

The event was attended by Aras and Emin Agalarovy, Yana Rudkovskaya, Galina and Sergey Mazaev Andrey Malakhov, Pavel Tabakov, Sergey Kozhevnikov with his wife, Nadezhda Missbach, Ani Lorak, Irina Tchaikovskaya, Tatyana Gevorkyan, Artem Korolev, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Lidia Alexandrova, Polina Askeri, and many others.

Soon on all music channels, breaking news))) the Secret is out;))) Follow the news @mr.alexsparrow

Video posted by |||Tamara||| (@pikapypik) Jun 28, 2016 at 2:11 am PDT

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