Video of the day: Orlando bloom rescued a mongrel dog from the streets

Видео дня: как Орландо Блум спас дворняжку с улицы

A Hollywood actor once again touched by colleagues and admirers of the noble act.

The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has repeatedly said that he loves animals and is always ready to help them. One day he took to his home a stray dog, and now saved the life of another!

In a network there was video as the ex-husband of supermodel Miranda Kerr took care of the mongrel. First, he brought the dog to a veterinary clinic, helped to wash it in the shower (while taking care that the water was a comfortable temperature), and then, as they say insiders, to take the animal to a special shelter.

Video bloom and mutt was first in the section “History” in Instagram, then fans of the actor, fortunately for us, moved it on YouTube.

Just look how courageous Orlando can be reverent and touching…

By the way, now Orlando, as you can see, the blonde one. But don’t worry, it won’t last. Actor radically changed her image for her role in “Tour de formation” and after the shooting, promised to return to natural hair color.

Meanwhile, the ex-wife of bloom supermodel Miranda Kerr married businessman, Evan Spiegel, whom she met in 2014 at a formal dinner fashion house Louis Vuitton in new York. Read more HERE.