Видео дня: Кэти Перри исполнила гимн Олимпиады-2016
The song Rise performed by star sound in Rio de Janeiro.

Katy Perry

Photo: Fotodom.ru

A million views online in just a few hours! Video Katie
Perry for the song Rise is in danger of becoming the coolest hit of the year, because this composition
— the official anthem of the summer Olympic games in Brazil. After a few hours in Rio de Janeiro
will start the opening ceremony of the Games, which was addressed by Katie. The three-minute
video pop star trying to cope with a parachute. A little power, the singer soars
in the sky. Perry admitted that during filming she withdrew from the doubles and
did all the stunts herself.

The song is not accidental
called “Ascent”, because big-time sports is an endless overcoming. Not
only human possibilities, but also barriers from the side. Particularly relevant
this song may be for the Russian team, because many athletes from our country
deprived of participation in the Games, including the legendary Yelena Isinbayeva.

The day before, by the way, Katy Perry was at the center of a scandal
thanks to her boyfriend Orlando bloom. On holiday in Sardinia, the couple went
swim along the shore on a surfboard. The usual case, it would seem, only
Bloom was completely naked. Photos got to the press and intimate though
the place of the actor was airbrushed black square, the scandal erupted serious. However,
no claims to Katy Perry in this case can not be. The singer was in
bathing suit, sat with his back to her lover and didn’t even see that he
manages the Board, in the buff.

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