Видео ДТП с Ди Каприо могут изучать в автошколах

Fans of Oscar-winning actor has decided that the conduct of Leo – a real role model. So they suggested adding video to the curriculum.

We all know how men react if their favorite cars appears at least a scratch. They go mad! But not Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor crashed his SUV into the back of the car at which wheel there was a woman. Leo is not only scandal (although it could!), he also helped the culprit of the accident come to life.

Thanks to the video filmed by eyewitnesses, we have the opportunity to learn how it was, and to see how the actor behaves in real life.

Immediately after the collision DiCaprio first checked if everything was okay with his girlfriend, model Nina Agdal, then got out of the car and went to enter him in the car. When a car and a woman came out, Leo grabbed her under the arms and carefully withdrew to a safe distance.

Rare painting on the road, isn’t it? Most drivers in such situations get annoyed and shout, waving his arms. They say, I see where you’re going? But Leo is certainly not that.

The actor was summoned to the scene the police and medics. He was not injured, and the SUV was damaged, just the bumper. Someone had to be tough, so it’s companion star. Nina was very scared. In between testifying law enforcement officers Leo gently embraced the girl and tried to cheer.

With the police, the actor also spoke, holding the brand, has fulfilled all requirements as a law-abiding citizen, and in parting, shook the cops hand. No wonder fans immediately decided: Yes, it is necessary to set an example to all motorists who are not averse to indulge in an altercation on the road. And someone even offered to show video of road accident with participation of the actor in driving schools. They say that everyone was an example of how to behave on the road.

And why not? Ah Yes Leo, Ah Yes, Oscar!

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