VIDEO: Nastya Zadorozhnaya talked about finding a man dreams

ВИДЕО: Настя Задорожная рассказала о поисках мужчины мечты
The singer presented the video for “I feel (the body)”.

Nastya Zadorozhnaya is a new video for “I feel (the body)” is a modern female folk Comedy about love through the laughter, tears and
nonsense … the producer of the clip became Alexey Golubev, who worked with Dima Bilan,
Polina Gagarina, Stas Mikhailov, Alsou, Valeria, Eros Ramazzotti and
many others.

ВИДЕО: Настя Задорожная рассказала о поисках мужчины мечты

Nastya Zadorozhnaya with friends

Photo: Press service of Nastya Zadorozhnaya

Co-wrote the script, in addition Zadorozhnaya, made by the famous blogger
IDA Galich, who along with actress “electrotheatre Stanislavsky” Daria
Kolpakovoj played the roles of friends Nasty. In the video the main character of the movie
in the face of Nastya Zadorozhnaya together with her friends goes in search of his men
dreams, but, having failed, the girls go the whole hog, getting into ridiculous
and comical situations. The result was not just a music video, and a mini-Comedy,
and artist Zadorozhnaya continued the tradition of shooting videos in a mini-movie.
Video for the song “I feel (body)” became the longest in cliparray singer and

Nastya Zadorozhnaya

Photo: Press service of Nastya Zadorozhnaya

“This story is about how in search of love, happiness, and
what is really there — corny adventure and not getting everything at once, the girls embark on
in a fun and unpredictable way, which people call “at all
serious”! — says Nastya Zadorozhnaya. I’m sure many of the sketches
from this plot, will be painfully familiar female audience, as well as anyone could
witness. I really hope that you will like the result!”