ВИДЕО: москвич обвинил Александра Демидова в преступлении
Netizens up in arms on the star of the Quartet And”.

Alexander Demidov

Photo: Instagram

A resident of Moscow, accused Alexander Demidov in the Commission
crimes. The user Captain Galaxy published on the portal Peekaboo information about the traffic incident,
the culprit of which was, according to the author, the star of “Emperor.”

“I want
share the absolutely outrageous case, writes the motorist. — Food
in the right lane on TTR 90
kilometers per hour. In the back
mirror see my lane pretty quickly approaching a white jeep.
Assess the situation and realize that to beat me he’s not going to work, because I
quickly catch the car in the left lane from me. Thought about it and moved on
your thoughts. Second
later dealt a sharp blow, throwing me to the right, a white jeep out into the sunset. In
General, quite a common situation. Spitting after the jeep, stop at
the emergency gang, download a recording from Regina, cause GAI. After 2 hours, comes outfit.
I gave them the circumstances of the incident, said the number of car, its model and
brand. The policeman looked at his laptop, chuckled, and called to me. With the monitor at me
watched Alexander Demidov…”

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The motorist also said that a similar car has one
photos of Demidova in the personal microblog of the actor. By the way, under this publication
now the real battle happened. Internet users leave under
a photo of an extremely negative and unflattering comments, common sense is
is that the star of the urge to behave on the road normally. The actor himself as comments and information about the charges
violations of traffic rules, disregard.

Recall before it became known that the actor was in more
Accident. According to insider information, the white jeep of the actor has left on an oncoming lane,
where it collided with the van, the passenger and the driver of which was injured. Demidov
he remains alive.