ВИДЕО: «Миссис Россия» Полина Диброва закатила грандиозную вечеринку
The wife of TV presenter celebrated the victory in the contest.

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Polina Dibrova eve won the title “Mrs. Russia — 2017”. In honor of this Grand event, star country house has been given a dinner party. To congratulate her with the victory came the next friends of the family Dobrovich.

To celebrate the achievement Polina came and Evelina Bledans, which, ironically, was one of the jury members held a beauty contest.

Polina Dibrova

Photo: @Instagram polinadibrova Polina Dibrova

Participation in the competition meant for Polina very much, so the victory was really worth noting. “I’m not doing this for her husband, but for the sons, told Pauline Letidor.ru shortly before the contest. — Of course, every child thinks their mother is the most beautiful. But I want the boys to be proud of me, and that they want to win this title. We now Dima live for children. And all we do now is just for them, for their good mood and happiness!”

Recall that the family Dubrovich grows three sons: Alexander, Theodore and Ilya. Polina does not exclude that in the future will become also the mother of a beautiful girl, but still wants to take a short break.