VIDEO: Maxim Galkin appeared Sensei

ВИДЕО: У Максима Галкина появился сэнсей
Six-year-old karate from Kaluga Polina Martynova struck Maxim Galkin.

Maxim Galkin will remember the performance on show “the best” a little
Pauline childlike waved the nose of the leading
bare feet showing how to do mawashi-Geri — side kick. Devoid of any
was-girl, forced leading to crawl on the floor of the Studio
all fours, to beat bows and to call her Sensei.

Maksim and Polina

Photo: the First channel

The audience was divided into two camps: those admired
the charm of the little 3-time world champion in karate, and the other, not wanting
take into account the age and merit of Pauline, angrily expressed dissatisfaction
bad manners of a child. Mum Pauline said: “After the performance of daughter
came up to me and apologized for what was on stage for such a pamper. Although
really, she is not spoiled — the natural child with live reactions.”
In addition to karate Pauline for the second year successfully engaged in music, as well as
freediving. The girl’s mother is making every effort to diversify
their children.

The video with the speech, fighting karate Polina Martynova
gaining on the Internet an increasing number of views and the transfer of “Better
all!” The first channel with the show “the Voice” and the series “C” last week
took the three top positions TOP 20 TNS.