VIDEO: Maxim Fadeev was involved in a scandal with plagiarism

ВИДЕО: Максим Фадеев оказался замешан в скандале с плагиатом
Ward Leonid Agutin was accused that she copied the song Linda.

The participant of the project “the Voice” Chaga, which in the show was ward
Leonid Agutin, continues his career not only as singer but also the author
songs. Her latest hit, “Flew down” caused the fans admiration, while
someone from the audience drew attention to the fact that the melody is somewhere
heard. “Why would openly steal someone else’s music! — outraged listeners. Linda — one to one! She has exactly the same song with the same chorus. Only
sung twenty years before.”

Naturally, Maxim Fadeev, author of the song “Let me go”, which
play Linda immediately recognized his music. “I sent
track friends and asked if there was anything I do not like — shared with
Max Fadeev. — Of course, in the chorus I recognized the track Linda, “Let me go”.

Maxim Fadeev

However, a copyright infringement claim not Maxim
intend to. “Why? I already had one such episode in my life. To understand
I don’t want to, especially knowing that this project deals with Leonid Agutin. I don’t
really want to participate. Notes of 7, and something can certainly remind
some existing melody. But when borrowing harmonico-melodic —
it is already noticeable. As happened in this case. If it helps Elina become
popular, please. I don’t mind”.