VIDEO: Max Fadeev, Nargiz and made fans Christmas gift

ВИДЕО: Макс Фадеев и Наргиз сделали поклонникам новогодний подарок
The producer wrote the music on poems of Alexander Kochetkov “the Ballad of smoky the train” (With favourite do not leave…).

The connoisseurs of Maxim Fadeev is well known that
the New year miracles always happen. Together with singer Nargiz composer
and producer has in store for fans gift. Maxim wrote music on the verses of “the Ballad
smoky on the wagon” (“With favourite do not leave”) is a work
Alexander Kochetkov has long been the anthem of all lovers. And it’s not just
verses from the famous ryazanovskoe “twist of fate”, which we do every year
make a wish and give myself promises for the next year. New video Maxim
Fadeev, Nargiz — about that life consists not of what we write on
the fields in the organizer. She’s so in love, so pure and strong that it is able
to prevent any trouble.

Max Fadeev, Nargiz and

In the poem “the Ballad of the smoke-filled car”
tells the amazing love story of Alexander Kochetkov and his wife Nina
Prozriteleva. In 1932 the poet was returning from the Caucasus to Moscow from vacation,
which they spent together. But even when the train began to move, love are unable
to release the husband from himself, and he went on to the platform, buying a ticket three days later.
The train went off the rail, and immediately upon arrival in the capital Kochetkov sent to his wife
“The ballad”.

Despite the fact that the ballad Kochetkova, the majority of Russians
perceived as a new year poem from
favorite movie is the tragic line. So Maxim, who is
the Director of the video decided to come up with an intricate plot. Together with Nargiz
they earnestly sang “the Ballad of smoky the train” in the background black and white

Immortal line about love performed by Maxim Fadeev and
Nargis, the hallmark of which was always piping penetration is a new year gift to everyone, whose heart is love.