VIDEO: Masha Malinovskaya again became a mother

ВИДЕО: Маша Малиновская снова стала мамой
In life the presenter was a joyful event.

Over the weekend in the life of Masha Malinovskaya was a joyful event: she first became a godmother. Goddaughter presenter was the daughter of her best friend. Malinovskaya very responsible approach to the ceremony and in advance to prepare for it.

Photo: @malinovskaya_tv Instgaram Masha Malinovskaya

“For the first time became a godmother. Meet my goddaughter Usenet and my godfather, Michael!” — said Masha. In his microblog she has published footage taken during the sacrament.

We presenter a teenage five year old son Myron, whose father Malinovskaya first time concealed. She is raising the boy alone. Thus immediately after the birth of Myron she was in a difficult financial position and was forced to sell personal possessions to feed my son. Now Masha works as a DJ and host events.