VIDEO: Marina Anisina pregnant for the third time!

ВИДЕО: Марина Анисина беременна в третий раз!
The skater has restored relations with Nikita Dzhigurda after several years of war.

Fans congratulate Marina Anisina with the third pregnancy. The reason for the rumors that the skater is waiting for replenishment in the family was a video published online. It was filmed during the holidays athletes. Attentive fans noticed that in the recording Anisina literally for a second showed the camera her rounded belly.

ВИДЕО: Марина Анисина беременна в третий раз!

Simultaneously, Nikita announced, returned to her husband — Nikita Dzhigurda. In her message, she fueled rumors about the interesting position, writing that she had good arguments to restore the marriage with a scandalous showman.

“Don’t judge me. I forgave the Least! Nikita is the father of my children who swear by him. If you knew what I know — would do the same! Love to all! And forgiveness… all Around us a lot of slander and lies! But we won! Maybe it’s corny, but without love, the world will drown in evil and in the war! I know I loved and love…Learn to forgive and you will win too!” — posted by Marina.

Recall that the couple grows two children: 8-year-old son Mick-angel and 7-year-old daughter Eva-Vlad.