ВИДЕО: Мэрайя Кэри разрешила своим 6-летним близнецам поплавать с акулами
The singer has taken a young lover to the Bahamas.

Mariah Carey

Photo: Instagram.com

Mariah Carey made a strong impression on
their fans. The fact that she tweeted puzzling
video. It fans of the singer had the opportunity to watch and
the singer herself, and that surprised everyone a lot more, her six-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, swimming with sharks. And,
although they were not hidden in special cells, all three were from the marine
predators short distance.

It seems that the very 47-year-old Mariah did not understand,
what kind of danger she put herself and children. “It was a “shark day”! Not
worry, these sharks are very cute. They are called sharks, nurse…” — signed
your videos Carey. She seems absolutely
not know that although this species really is not too
aggressive, have repeatedly been documented cases of attacks on people. These ancient fish, if they are approached
divers, they are quite able to attack them when they believe they are protecting their territory
from intrusion of outsiders.

However, in the case of Mariah, all, fortunately,
ended very well. None of swim with the sharks in the day
including the lover of the singer — a 32-year-old Brian Tanaka is not affected. And
“brave” Brian boasted in his microblog feat.

Recall that the novel Tanaka began the singer last year when she was officially a bride-to-be billionaire
James Packer. Their love story continued even after breaking an engagement with a Packer.
However, this spring, Carey suddenly decided to break up with Tanaka. But
it sufficed not for a long time. Last month she was reunited with her boyfriend
lover, and since then almost not part with it.

Swimming with sharks. Perfectly normal. ???

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