VIDEO: Maria Sittel came out of maternity leave

ВИДЕО: Мария Ситтель вышла из декретного отпуска
After the birth of the fifth child, the presenter looks rested, rejuvenated, and happy.

Maria Sittel, who just three months ago was
mom for the fifth time, went to work. However, while just one day, exactly one
night — new year’s eve. TV star according to tradition, became the leading “new light” on
TV channel Russia. Guests gathered at the shooting of the concert, said,
that looks great Mary, she became even slimmer and charming. Though
that Sittel has already started to read lectures at the Moscow Institute of television and broadcasting
Ostankino, to the ongoing work on the channel to return a bit early.

ВИДЕО: Мария Ситтель вышла из декретного отпуска

Maria Sittel and Dmitry Guberniev

Photo: Ekaterina Boyko

Recall that in mid-September, Maria Sittel in fifth time became
mom. The girl who was named Catherine, was born in one of the suburban
clinics. The eldest daughter of the TV presenter Dasha
21. Second marriage of Mary born
three sons: Ivan, Savva and Nicholas, and now daughter Katya.

Despite caring for five children, three of whom — almost
same age, Masha manages to make a successful career. Moreover, on the TV channel “Russia” always
understanding about pregnancy Sittel.

Maria Sittel sons Nicky (mother), Sava, Ivan, daughter Dasha and dad Eduard Anatolyevich.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“I rejoiced when I found out that I’m getting ready to have a second
child, Vanya, — he told in interview to magazine “7 Days” Maria. — When I
said about the third pregnancy it was a surprise. And then I used to.
(Laughs.) But everyone knew that under favorable circumstances I will very soon
back to work and linger long I won’t. I was out at the moment
when I realized that internally prepared and brain working in the right mode.”