VIDEO: Maria Mironova was injured on vacation in Brazil

ВИДЕО: Мария Миронова пострадала на отдыхе в Бразилии
The actress admitted that were not ready for the treacherous sun of a distant country.

ВИДЕО: Мария Миронова пострадала на отдыхе в Бразилии

Maria Mironova

Photo: Instagram

Maria Mironova

Photo: Instagram

Maria Mironova as a
other stars, immediately after the new year I took a vacation and
went to a country where long wanted to visit in Brazil. Actress in
all excited about your holiday, she would be happy to share details of travel in the microblog.
However, the onset of the holiday was slightly marred by the fact that Mary burned on

“If suddenly
who will be going to Brazil, I must warn you, there is one unique
feature… — says the star. — Two days of heavy rains and strong clouds, sitting at
a small exception under an umbrella or awning, a man who never
not burns, to acquire the color of boiled cancer, it is not clear how, very
simple! I even had an interesting question: “If you lie down on a chaise in the night,
it also will burn?”

Uraaa!!)) The first time I edited a video itself! Green lagoon, green island, green Brazil?everything is green, even the flag??!??#sanseverias #LaGrande #greenday #Angra #Brazil ?

A post shared by Maria Mironova (@mariya_mironova_actress) on Jan 9, 2018 at 2:33am PST

Plenty swim in the warm
the ocean, the actress has decided not to limit your vacation only the beach
pastime. Maria has already visited the local sights:
the Cathedral of St. Sebastian, monastery of St. Benedict, famous
the selaron steps in Rio, as well as the Park of Laje and Botanical garden of the city.

this city I want to photograph everything! — enthusiastically says the actress. —
Every Bush, house, tree, bird, surf, tide, the inscription! Rio is a city
Holiday and city Nature. A city without laws and regulations. The city’s highest
crime and unreal beauty. A city of stunning slovenliness and comprehensive

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