ВИДЕО: Мария Ивакова поделилась секретами новогоднего макияжа
Master class from the leading program “heads and tails. Shopping”.

Actress and TV presenter travels around the world and not
knows firsthand how important it is to care for the skin and hair after flights
and changes of climate. By Maria Ivanova became an expert not only in
travel, but learned all the features of decorative and’s skin
cosmetics. The star knows exactly what to recommend when it comes to effective
means to maintain health and beauty in different seasons.

From Maria — sensitive skin prone to dryness. It
told how to care for themselves in cold days. “After all, during the cold period
skin is particularly affected and react and the cold, and the battery, and all these
swings from cold to hot. A little bit like a douche, but, alas,
without the use of. So it’s time to change care and to get means powerful. In my winter
combat kit includes, for example, coconut oil which you can bring from Ty.
This organic remedy has proved for a long time, not only in
beauty-sphere. I put it on overnight or wash off their makeup. In the morning — not dry
no peeling. Another good cloth masks. Sure! Several times a week. As
the result – hydrated skin and a fresh appearance.”

Maria Ivanova

Photo: Instagram

“If these means will not help, let the battle of the serum.
In front of them from dryness has little chance. And a tip: don’t go outside without
the basics. BB or CC cream save your skin from the cold, blizzards and all the charms of winter”,
— says Maria.

Before the New Year Iwakawa made a gift for their
groupies, made up holiday “MASHA box” makeup kit for the most
the main party of the year. The choice of Mary include hair products, training
skin for makeup application and all the necessary products to create it. “Creams and
the mask will quickly return the skin a healthy appearance and even tone and bright colors, sequins and
tattoo will make you look festive and beautiful,” says TV presenter and demonstrates
the result which can be achieved with this set.