VIDEO: Maksim Galkin radically changed hairstyle and look younger

ВИДЕО: Максим Галкин кардинально изменил прическу и помолодел
TV presenter surprised by the new haircut.

Maxim Galkin unexpectedly for his fans changed his style. 40-year-old artist changed the hair: now hair on one side of the head much shorter than on the other. Trendy haircut relished his admirers. They noted that the new image is very suitable Maxim. Shortening the hair, he was significantly younger. However, as often happens, there were among his admirers and those who considered new hairstyle Galkina extremely unfortunate. However, on taste and color, as we know, no friends.

By the way, the haircut was timed tour in America, where the actor flew a few days ago. Those who will not attend his overseas shows, the opportunity to consider a new hairstyle Galkina will fall very soon — in the latest editions of its author’s humorous program “Maximmaxim”.

Maxim Galkin

Photo: @Instagram maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin