VIDEO: Maksim Galkin jump on the couch

ВИДЕО: Максим Галкин скачет на диване
Showman became a TV presenter for a new project of the First channel.

Maxim Galkin became the leading
new Sunday show children’s talents is “best” on the First channel. Two
the month was the casting, the editors of the new program was looking for (and still continue
to look for) gifted children from 3 to 12 years across the country and abroad.

No matter what the field of gifted child: draws or dances, composes poetry
or solve a Rubik’s cube, walking on his hands, performs stunts on roller skates, knows by heart
capitals of all countries on the stage of “the best” there are no limits.

“The peculiarity of this project
that this is not a competition, — says Maxim Galkin. — There is a fantastic
projects where children participate in the competition, but very often without pain in my heart for it
you can’t look: very sorry for the children who lose or drop out

No contest or
competition in the talent show “the best” will not. So there is no
parental stress and children’s tears is valuable.”

Premiere of “the best”
will be held November 6 on the First channel.

Maxim Galkin

Photo: Press service of the First channel