VIDEO: lolita was forbidden to visit her sick daughter

ВИДЕО: Лолите запретили навещать больную дочку
The singer can’t see the sole heir.

Lolita was a hostage trouble. The fact that the only daughter of actress — Eva, lives permanently in Kiev with his grandmother. And on the eve of Lolita decided to visit his successor, but was removed from the train by employees of the border service. The singer said on social networks.

As a result, now the singer no opportunity to see eve. “I was at four in the morning to get off the train. I can’t visit his child who was sick, because I denied entry to Ukraine for visiting Kerch in 2015…” said Lolita in a microblog.

Lolita with daughter eve

Photo: @Instagram lolitamilyavskaya Lolita

Recall that the daughter Lolita was born with autism, but, thanks to these efforts, to his 17 years Eva mastered several foreign languages, and successfully engaged in music and singing. The singer meets with her during the holidays, as most of the time busy touring activities.