VIDEO: LOBODA supported the fan

ВИДЕО: LOBODA поддержала поклонницу
The singer presented the video for the song “Your eyes”.

A few months ago, Svetlana Loboda wrote a fan of asking for help and
to support her in a difficult situation: “I fell in love with the guy, but can’t communicate with
his life, — wrote the girl — we are very different. The feeling that he’s an alien.
What choice to make?”. LOBODA is imbued with the history girl, because of this dilemma
familiar to everyone, regardless of age and gender. All people
think about those with whom you associate your life with your loved one or with “your”

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: Press service of the Loboda

“Can opposites
to exist as a single entity?” — ask the artist
in the new clip “Your eyes”.

The shooting took place in August, and scenery for a video about
love steel luxury landscapes of Andalusia. For installation LOBODA took
independently, as directed by Sergei licorice.

“People are so
different, but still their hearts meet and fall in love. Each of us in our
life stands before the choice — to accept the person and go with him through life
or to let go,” says LOBODA.