ВИДЕО: Лиза Арзамасова боится разочаровать бабушку и дедушку
The actress is about to receive the diploma of the producer.

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In the TV series “father’s daughter” heroine Lisa Arzamasova was exemplary
student and a straight a student. It turns out that in real life, the actress tries
to be like Galina.

Liza Arzamasova: “the Extra pounds I gain pretty easily”

In the beginning of next year Lisa will have
producer. As an actress, for all the years of training she had only estimates
“excellent.” Already you can almost guarantee that Arzamasova will receive long-awaited “red”

But Lisa is afraid to get ahead of myself, though, and says that
she wants to graduate with honors, to please his grandmother and
grandfather, who live in Vladivostok and want to move to Moscow. By the way,
granddaughter sometimes makes a surprise for their loved ones, sometimes it arrives unexpectedly
to stay just for a couple of days.

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