VIDEO: Laysan utiasheva told about the children

ВИДЕО: Ляйсан Утяшева рассказала о детях
The presenter explained why social media no photos of Robert and Sofia.

Laysan Utiasheva

Photo: Instagram

Laysan utiasheva explained why
she never published in social networks photos of his children: daughter Sophia and son Robert. About
she told in a show “OK to touch”.

According to the star, children should
grow up and decide they want to show their baby pictures on the Internet or

“They do, when they want themselves
show says utiasheva. — This is my position. We have such a rule. Who we are
to show it earlier than he wanted? For example, I
not terribly like my baby pictures. And if I grew during the Istagram and my mother
dumped, I would say: “Mom, I’m here without panties?”. He has a huge
the amount of cool photos, we have it all, we pour it in a computer. But
he wants – he will be thrown out. Of course, we want children when I grow up
saw that we loved and love. We had some great moments

The show can be seen on Saturday in
22.30 and Sunday at 18.30 in live TV “Moscow 24”.