VIDEO: Ksenia Borodina brought children from Russia

ВИДЕО: Ксения Бородина вывезла детей из России
TV presenter and his family moved to the United Arab Emirates.

Ksenia Borodina, a divorce and they were talking about the whole country last summer, enjoy a family idyll. The other day the TV presenter with her husband — Kurban Omarov and children went on vacation in the Arab Emirates. For your holiday, couple chose Dubai, where Ksenia has already visited more than once. But for the little daughter presenter — Teona this is the first trip abroad.

Arriving in warmer climes, a couple in the company of three children — Marusya (from a previous marriage, Xenia), Omar (from first wife Kurban) and their General daughter — Teona first went to the beach. In the microblog Ksenia has already appeared the first pictures taken during a vacation. Besides her husband the star has posted a video taken at the airport before the flight to Dubai.

Ksenia Borodina with children on holiday

Photo: @zimamoscow Instagram Kurban Omarov