ВИДЕО: Ксения Алферова попала в снежный буран в Лондоне
The actress taught the British, shocked by the abnormal weather, to fight the elements.

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Ksenia Alferova, going to London, hardly imagine,
what kind of weather awaits her in England. Actress
met a real snow storm. This weather is claimed to Londoners, not
was a hundred years old.

“Very touching Concierge, explaining the road
worried that she’s going to take me a little longer because of the snow on the sidewalk.
Snow, by the way, is not there — the snow is melting quickly, says Alferov.
On learning that I was from Russia, calm down! Talking with a elegant resident
London old age. Asks me how we are in Russia, where many
snow and he goes often, to cope with the abundance of on the roads and sidewalks? It is said that those
the same people who you have in the fall raking leaves or sweeping sidewalks in the winter
snow shovels shoveling! Thinking and so seriously said, “wow, what a smart
solution!” Here the snow is not often, therefore, what to do with it, do not really understand. Waiting
yet quickly melts. So you should immediately rubber boots on his feet, and then
long wet nor the beauty of London will not enjoy!”

The actress not only explained the anomalous stunned for London weather the British, as with the snow doing in Russia, but also spoke about ancient Russian games. Star taught everyone to make snowmen.