ВИДЕО: Козловский и Зуева определились с важной датой
Olga publicly admitted Daniel in love.

Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva


Olga Zueva and Danila Kozlovsky
preparing for one of the most important events in life — the premiere of the film “district,”
where Olga acted not only as a film Director, but made his debut
as a screenwriter.

That the work on the drama came to an end, said the producer
picture of Ruben Dishdishyan. “I can say that the film
did it! says Ruben. — Olga is a big fellow! And thanks to Daniel Kozlovsky
and Sergey Bobza, who together produced this film. Now we seek
the correct date for its release and probably will come in the second half of the 18th year!”

The teaser of the film “In the area”. Film Olga Zueva. #coomingsoon #dkentertainment #marsmedia @olyazueva_official

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“Present trailer for the feature film, where
I was a writer and Director, wrote in a microblog Zueva. — It was
big challenge for me and, perhaps, the most important is my work to date. This
the film taught me a million things and broke and proved a million
stereotypes. It made me stronger and helped me to find myself, acquainted with the real
professionals, from whom I have learned and talented people, without
which this film would not have been possible. I would never have achieved our success one,
without their support. Infinitely grateful to my team. I want to convey my
warm thanks to my actors: rising star Ilya Malanin, geeky
admiration for angelina Streching, Vladimir Afanasyev and Elena Obolenskaya. And the
great appreciation I Express Danila Kozlovsky: my beloved man,
which is also my producer, my actor, my teacher, my Muse, my partner in
creativity, mischief and many other things. I look forward to the day when the film
will be released in the country.”

In the story the hero Kozlowski —
Kitty is much younger than the actor. But the makeup did not have much
try, for example, to apply prosthetics Danilo. Only
the star shaved his beard, he immediately became like a 20-year-old kid. “How difficult it is sometimes
make the right choice. To say “NO” to what so I want to say “YES”!!!
says Kozlowski about the film. — How difficult it is to find his “I” in a world where more
just appreciate the money. As is rarely found pure love in all this
lust… These and other questions being asked by the film “the district”, he is to them
answer. For me and my company DK Entertainment is a very special film.
Males in spirit, filled with a genuine female sensuality. I
looking forward to the day when it will be shown in cinemas in our country!”