ВИДЕО: Костя Цзю полностью пришел в форму после инфаркта
Boxer held a master class for fans.

Kostya Tszyu has fully recovered after suffering a not so
long ago a heart attack and has already started full training. Now the boxer with
happy to share with the subscribers of his microblog effective
exercises will stimulate all muscle groups. Interestingly, the athlete
always chooses unusual places for training, which, while
available to everyone. Kostya trains using portable devices —
the kitchen, living — in General, at home, in a fairly small space,
thus showing that anyone can repeat his exercises would

“In the morning got out of bed and fell”, Kostya Tszyu has a clot

Recall that the boxer suffered a heart attack, was
known in early spring. Tszyu told about the incident, appearing in the Studio
the program “Live healthy!”. The athlete had an operation on vessels
heart. Fortunately, the doctors of the time found in the coronary artery of the outstanding
boxer cut off the blood clot. The best experts Kostya sent Elena Malysheva, with which he
independently contacted.

According to Tszyu, to return to its previous form it was hard:
even after one series of exercises, he felt bad. The athlete could not
to understand what was happening to him. One morning, getting out of bed, Kostya fell
into a swoon. After that, he contacted Malysheva and asked for her help. Elena
gave him the phone number of a leading cardiologist, and the next day he was
the operation was carried out.