VIDEO: Konstantin Khabensky made gifts

ВИДЕО: Константин Хабенский приготовил подарки
The actor will thank those who help children.

Next week in rolling out the cartoon “Urfin jus
and his wooden soldiers”, whose main characters voiced by keira Knightley,
Dmitry Dyuzhev and Sergey Shnurov. Stars are invited to help ward Charity
The Konstantin Khabensky Foundation, which so far can’t come in

All who sent donations with the key word URFIN to 20
may 2017, automatically become participants of the drawing. Ten
the winners, selected by drawing lots at the end of the action,
you will receive branded t-shirts cartoon autographed Knightley, Shnurov and Dyuzheva.

Konstantin Khabensky

“Urfin Dzhyus — a naive man who wants to appear
scary, and people who want to look frightening, always very ridiculous
look, — said Konstantin Khabensky about your character. — Urfin
an example of that actually, all the roots come from childhood. No one with him
not played, and he has turned into such a monster. Really he just wants
some attention and love. I look at this character and trying, pathetic
speaking, to breathe life into it. Then come other colleagues, partners,
they will do their role, then all this will emerge, and maybe
something to alter in order to it was a living dialogue, not separately
talking characters. As for me, I think that even happens
me during the dubbing. The nose is somehow stretched, the ears somehow
fold, maybe. In General, the actors villainous role more interesting
you can create a very big range.”