VIDEO: “Kiss!” — Anna Semenovich got married

ВИДЕО: «Горько!» — Анна Семенович сыграла свадьбу
The singer published a picture with the groom.

It’s not a secret that to become a bride and give birth to a kid for his elect — cherished desire of Anna Semenovich. In this regard, the singer has more than once attributed the secret wedding and pregnancy which she then has to refute. And today, the singer provoked the rumors that finally went away.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

In the microblog Semenovich appeared wedding the. On it the artist is depicted in a white dress of the bride with a bouquet, and next to it is the mysterious bridegroom. Of course, the photos attracted the attention of many fans and after the publication turned to Anna with congratulations.

But to congratulate Sobyanin is still early: the singer became a bride in his heart and on duty. The singer next week will premiere its next project, which was shot at “Mosfilm”. Anne’s part in it and demanded transformation in the image of the bride. By the way, come to the “wedding” Anna will be able to attend.