VIDEO: Justin Bieber went from her husband

ВИДЕО: Наталья Подольская уехала от мужа
The singer spends time with her sister, Julianna.

Wife Natalia Podolskaya and her twin sister Juliana
gave wives a wonderful gift. Young mothers were released in a short
journey to the sea — for three days the sisters flew to Italy to enjoy the warm
the sun and exploring the city of Milan, which, following leads in Rome
the number of attractions.

ВИДЕО: Наталья Подольская уехала от мужа

Natalia and Yuliana Podolskaya

Photo: Instagram

However, even in such a short time, Natalie has already
miss “my boys” — her husband Vladimir Presnyakov and son Artemy. However,
sadness over separation from children and husbands does not interfere with the fun girls
time. So, Natalie and Julianna already had a sightseeing tour
museums in Milan, ate a lot of pasta (by the way, carbohydrate
PIR Podolsky satisfied exclusively on vacation, and then makes
figure Express diet), and also managed to sunbathe. Today sisters, taking
the rental car went on a long trip than shared pages in
social network by posting a short video.

Natalia Podolskaya

Photo: Instagram