VIDEO: Justin Bieber shared that gave her son the birthday

ВИДЕО: Наталья Подольская поделилась, что подарили ее сыну в день рождения
Two-year Artem was left in awe from the feast in honor of his second birthday.

Yesterday, the son of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov said
birthday: Artemy was two years old.

Loving parents have organized such a celebration that the kid
continues to enjoy it a second day in a row. Today Natalia has posted
funny video in which Temochka playing with balloons. “Yesterday
was a wonderful holiday, — shared the singer. And today dismantle gifts.”

As expected, the birthday of the baby Podolsk
invited only the closest people. All guests, including sister Natalia Julianna, had come along with their
children. His sisters-twins Theme knows almost from birth, because the difference in
the age between them is only two months.

Star parents never tire of saying that their common son
best thing that happened to them in life.

“Two years ago, my life was filled with meaning and immense love! —
smiles the singer. — The light appeared my Golden boy Theme! It warms us
with its rays! We are happy that he chose
we are their parents! He’s the love of our lives!”

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov’s son Artemy

Photo: Instagram