VIDEO: Julia Savicheva thinking about adoption

ВИДЕО: Юлия Савичева задумалась об усыновлении
“Now I only believe in one truth, and there are no other children,” says the singer.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: Alexander Vasilyev

Julia Savicheva, returning to professional
activities after giving birth, released a touching social clip “fear Not.

“This year has been the highlight of my life
— I became a mother — says Savicheva. — To deserve this happiness, we
my husband went through many trials. Since that time many things had
rethink. For me has always been an important job. But now I realize that
there is nothing more important than children. Unfortunately, we live in a world where parents
leave their children. Or will the fate of children left alone. Pupils
children’s homes every year becomes more and more. The story told in
clip — my personal call to act, not just the argument
the theme of orphans. Usually thirty children have one caregiver. In such
conditions virtually no chance to feel care and attention. All
orphanages dreaming at least one day to spend outside
the fence of his home. To see another world. This is impossible to remain indifferent
and close your eyes. I understand that not everyone dares to take the child to the family, but
everyone has the opportunity to fulfill the dream of a child become
a guardian angel. I urge everyone to pay attention to this problem and make
the life of even one child lighter, kinder, so he felt that he was near
a true friend who will always come and hear it. Below
he felt love and care, the necessity and importance in this world. I
I hope “fear Not” will encourage you to think about adoption
decisions that will change your life as has changed mine. I did this step and
became an angel. Now I only believe in one truth, not other people’s children

Subscribers microblog singer, where
she posted this touching message, sure, the star decided to
a child through adoption, although it is likely is that, Julia became the “guardian angel”
orphans, that is issued on him patronage.