VIDEO: Jane Maria Shurochkina struck outfits the “New wave”

ВИДЕО: Нюша и Мария Шурочкины поразили нарядами «Новую волну»
The singer and her sister told me choose dresses for important event.

ВИДЕО: Нюша и Мария Шурочкины поразили нарядами «Новую волну»

Jane Maria Shurochkina

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Ani Lorak and ILO

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Nyusha loves to travel with his beloved
sister — a master of sports in
synchronized swimming Maria Shurochkina. International music contest “New
wave-2017” the girls also appeared together. Laughing, they told me how they chose
outfits for one of the days of the festival.

“I saw it
dress and put! Here all twisting and dancing, said Jane. Mary came
to the choice of attire more seriously. “I changed my hair color. From blonde
dyed my hair red. Now we need to change the whole wardrobe colors he
now absolutely does not suit me. This dress I bought a few days ago. I
I think it goes well with red hair.

Shine on
the concert of Ani Lorak, opt for the stylish evening pant suits white
color. “Flew well, the mood is excellent. The outfit, as always, chose
intuitively,” short reported the star.

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