VIDEO: Ivan Zhidkov pregnant wife and the rest in Italy

ВИДЕО: Иван Жидков с беременной женой отдыхает в Италии
Later date did not prevent the couple to go on vacation abroad.

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Ivan Zhidkov with the civil wife Lilia Solovieva
left to rest in Italy. This is despite the fact that in October, Lily will be
the mother of the beloved actor is on the seventh month of pregnancy. To
risk (girls, located in the seventh month, the airline is entitled to withdraw from the flight), the couple went on a trip by car. So they decided two
problems. First, Joe and Lily took a family pet — a Labrador named Max, who had no one to leave. Second, they avoided risky
situations at the airport, which spoil the impression of rest Glafira Tarhanova, forced to stay in Greece for a few days. Recall that the actress was not allowed to Board, which
flew to Moscow.

“What a day! I was not allowed on the plane, kids
flew home without me, well that is not alone but with my mom and sister, and I
in spite of what others may think, smile and wait for tomorrow’s triple flight
2 changes, as other tickets just yet. Now I was supposed to be
home, surprise!!! Greece does not let go” — shared star.

Ivan Zhidkov and Lilia Solovieva