VIDEO: Irina Dubtsova saves his son from the insidious disease

ВИДЕО: Ирина Дубцова спасает сына от коварного недуга
The singer took the kid from Moscow, where Artem is feeling bad.

ВИДЕО: Ирина Дубцова спасает сына от коварного недуга

Irina Dubtsova and son Artem

Photo: Instagram

Son Of Irina Dubtsova Artem

Photo: Instagram

11-year-old son of Irina Dubtsova Artem is enjoying the annual
holiday in the Maldives, where together with the star mother. When the singer
he has published a number of photographs and a small
a video some fans
interested, why is her baby at the end of the school year have a rest and not
learning. Irina replied that it happens every year,
the boy with the allergies.

Insidious disease — an Allergy on flowering, was transferred to Artem
from my mother, who also suffers from this disease. Therefore, in the midst of
flowering Irina otpasoval son for ten days from school and could go to
The Maldives, where she and the child feel good.

“I’m taking Artem from Moscow
only ten days, — says the star. — He begins to study worse for so many
minor admission”. Besides, Irina has repeatedly said that the son is very
capable boy. Well, in order to
the child did all the necessary homework, Dubtsova takes a
leave all textbooks and notebooks. After all, a strict mother, warm ocean, tender
the sun and adventure — not an excuse to take time off from school.