VIDEO: in the life of Danila Kozlovsky happened a sharp turn

ВИДЕО: в жизни Данилы Козловского случился крутой поворот
One of the most interesting work of the actor and producer bought in Europe.

The film “Status: free”, the protagonists of which
steel Danila Kozlovsky and Elizabeth Boyarskaya,
to the surprise of both of them, remastered in Lithuania. The official remake is made
almost without deviations from the original, he not only photographed frame for frame with
maintaining the original angles
version, but even playing the main roles were selected on the basis of likeness
with Danilo and Elizabeth.

Only the name differs: in Lithuanian rental
the film is called “How to get her back in 7
days.” The film was made by
Andrius, Zurauskas.

According to the Lithuanian film center, the first three weekend, the film has collected € 410,000. On
for three weeks he occupies the first position in the Lithuanian rental, overtaking
even Hollywood novelties, including “blade Runner, 2049”. According to the forecast
renter total fees reached 500 000 euros
(for comparison, such amounts in the Lithuanian rental collected only “50
shades of grey” and “fast and furious 8”. Have
“Viking” — 140 000, “La La land” — 112 000)

“When we got the video of the Lithuanian “Status”, we
at first thought it was someone’s joke, a hoax, says producer
starring in the film Danila Kozlovsky. We totally forgot that he sold the rights to
a remake of a year ago. Then we were happy
the transaction and went to work on. And suddenly Lithuanian colleagues sent the trailer and
reported an excellent training camp! It
touching, funny and very cool at the same time! Now I dream to see
Chinese remake of the film!”

The film’s producer Sergey Bobza said European
the film’s success successful start for further promotion.

“In modern Russian chiropractice this apparently
the first such case, he says. — Known history of foreign remakes
the Soviet film classics — for example, the film “the dawns here are quiet” 10 years ago was
photographed in China. Also, there are cases of creation of modern remakes
the Russian series. But remakes of games
a successful paintings, as far as I know, has not happened. This is the first case. And I hope not
last. According to available public information, the Chinese branch of Sony Pictures
acquired the rights to the remake of the film by Marius Weisberg “8 first dates”.

Compare the two trailers “Status”: