VIDEO: Husband Keti Topuria ignored the birth of a daughter

ВИДЕО: Муж Кети Топурия проигнорировал день рождения дочки
The singer threw a party for Olivia.

On the eve of Keti Topuria celebrated the birth of his daughter — Olivia. The singer came to the event for two year old birthday girl with a large scale.

The party was held in his home for the soloist of group “A Studio” Georgia. On the feast were invited to a huge number of relatives and friends of Katy and a whole team of animators. Met Olivia and her friends puppets in costumes of their favorite cartoon characters birthday girl. Little guests watched a bubble show, and they played with specially brought for the birthday girl animals: turtles and rabbits. Then began the cheerful competitive program with dancing and entertainment.

Daughter Katie Topuria — Olivia

Photo: @keti_one_official (Instagram Katie Topuria)

It should be noted that the husband of Katie lion, gaykhman, apparently, the feast had not arrived. In any case, next to my daughter and wife among the guests or it was not visible. We will remind that not so long ago the network appeared the information that the singer decided to terminate their marriage.