Video: how has engagement ring for 100 years

The creators of the project “100 years of fashion in three minutes” has released a new video. This time we are talking about history of engagement rings.

As you know, best friends girls – are diamonds. So was at all times at least a hundred years ago for sure.

With 1910, the experts of the project “100 years of fashion in three minutes” began to trace the history of engagement rings.

The beginning was easy: a large diamond, and the usual thin frame. Such classics is now offering every jewelry store. She just never goes out of fashion.

Then change the most common models came intricate form more massive and caste stone. The stone was not the main thing, became more important as he is framed.

Only in 1960 in Vogue diamonds cut “baguette” that are so loved by women around the world to this day. In the 70s began to come up with a composite double ring, now they are nothing new, but it was something!

But the fashion for fancy – colored diamonds are yellow, brown, blue, pink jewelers introduced only in 2010. By the way, these popular today the stones are the most expensive.

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