Video: how did the fashion for men’s underwear in 100 years

Видео: как изменилась мода на мужское нижнее белье за 100 лет

If you woke up today with the thought: “I Wonder what was worn by men under the costumes of 100 years ago?”, you’re in luck.

Interest easy to meet, after reviewing another video of the project “100 years of fashion in under three minutes”. The project has been women’s underwear and engagement ring, and now came the turn of men’s underwear. However, men’s underwear panties a hundred years ago can hardly be called – rather, it is some kind of night Romper.

Interest and can cause not only clothes, but also a very attractive male model that demonstrates these garments for yourself.

Since 1916, the fashion for men’s underwear, admittedly, has changed radically – tissue over time was used less and less, and themselves night apparel became increasingly tight.

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