VIDEO: happy Polina Gagarina accepts congratulations

ВИДЕО: счастливая Полина Гагарина принимает поздравления
In the life of the singer began a new phase.

Polina Gagarina is celebrating a birthday today! Morning colleagues and fans of the actress in a hurry to congratulate her with the advent of the 30th anniversary. One of the first requests published online the husband of the singer Dmitry Iskhakov. In his microblog, he showed rare children the wife and wrote a touching comment to it.

Baby photo Polina Gagarina

Photo: @Instagram isxakov Dmitry Iskhakov

“My favorite 27.03 birthday. This means that today is all about her! I was incredibly lucky to meet her on the way and every day I thank fate for it. The field is incredible. She is my closest and best friend. Happy birthday, love the Polka!” — wrote Dmitry. In addition, the husband presented Gagarina huge basket in the shape of a heart with tulips.

Gifts for birthday Pauline start to a few days before the day “x”. At the weekend she showed in social networks a nice surprise from the fans who made memoirs about her life. However, without a doubt, today in all-day Pauline will receive from friends and fans of many gifts and congratulations. And in turn, joins them!