VIDEO: Grigory Leps was disappointed in his daughter

ВИДЕО: Григорий Лепс разочаровался в своей дочке
The mentor show “the Voice” was dissatisfied with the performance of Inga.

About that. what Inga — the eldest daughter of Grigory Leps decided to try his hand in the show “the Voice” became known some time ago. However, yesterday aired the episode where Inga takes the stage of the project. Heiress lady Gaga performed the song “Not about angels”. But it not only didn’t turn none of the mentors. At the end Gregory, highly disappointed with the performance of the daughters, is sharply expressed in the address of Inga.

“Honestly, bad! In one place was very bad! In all other places it was nothing… more or less! But in the end you sing bad!” — spoken by Leps. Polina Gagarina and Dima rushed to protect the girl. They agreed that Inga is very interesting tone of voice, but use it until they learned not to end. She was advised to work with the teachers a little more and go back to try their hand in a year. By the way, for a 30-year-old Inga was the first performance on the stage in front of an audience.

“Inga has always shown interest in music, told singer. — To the casting of the “Voice” she went, without consulting anyone, knew that I would be against it. I heard my daughter more than once, she with her friends often goes to karaoke. I can say that she sings well. Like any father, I will always support their child, otherwise it will be not a man. Of course, I always recognize her voice. But I said from the beginning that to turn to her will.”

Grigory Leps

Photo: freeze-frame show of “the Voice”