VIDEO: Glyuk оZу convicted of too bright makeup 10-year-old daughter

ВИДЕО: Глюк'оZу осудили за чересчур яркий макияж 10-летней дочки
The singer celebrated with Lydia her birthday.

Natalia Ionova with her daughter Lydia

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

On the eve Natalia Ionova celebrated the anniversary of Lydia, their eldest daughter. Mother and daughter spent a festive day together, finishing it at a concert of the British artist Tom Odell.

The singer said that for her, Lydia’s not just a child, a best friend. Natalia even gave my daughter a lipstick the same color as hers. Fans, by the way, it is the decision of the singer, to put it mildly, not appreciated. In the comments to the photo, many of them expressed the view that 10-year-old Lydia is still too early to have such bright makeup.

However, the ions on the criticism of fans not pay any attention. The main thing for her was to spend a holiday with Lydia. “My baby 10! Every day more and more I feel that it is not just the beloved daughter, but also best friend! Happiness to know that you matter to your children!” — Natalya told.