VIDEO: Gluk’oza changed his image and became a hot Brunet

ВИДЕО: Глюк'оZа сменила имидж и стала жгучей брюнеткой
The singer surprised fans with their transformation.

Natalia Ionova on the days arranged for their children an unforgettable holiday. Her family celebrated Halloween. Younger daughter of the singer Faith most of all in the star house like the masquerade, which is known to be a mandatory part of this celebration.

Itself Natalia also were not bored that day and decided after their heirs to be dressed up in carnival costume. Ionova choice fell on a very form fitting outfit with a picture of a skeleton and… a wig on his head. One night, she decided to transform into burning brunette with short hair. However, in the review it asked followers to recommend: whether her hair is so big? Singer hinted that it is considering in order to repeat this image in real life.

However, fans were far from unanimous. “Not at all! Do not try to makeup, your hairstyle suits you perfectly!”, “What we need to “bomb” party, but not for life! With that haircut you will lose yourself!” “Hey, that’s cool! So bright!” — wrote fans.

Natalia Ionova with my daughter and party guests

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)