Видеоигра Battlefield станет сериалом

Representatives of the studios Paramount TV and Anonymous Content misleading great news for fans of the game Battlefield. They acquired the rights to the gaming franchise and are going to create a TV series based on it.

The publication Variety reported that Paramount TV is this experience going to be the first. To adapt a video game into a TV product will be producer Michael sugar, who has previously successfully presented several projects, among which the series “Hospital Nickerbocker” and the movie “the Fifth power”.
It is noteworthy that this is not the first attempt to make a television series based on the above mentioned game. Previously, for it came from Fox, but at the last moment project, which was supposed to be a Comedy Thriller, has been cancelled.
We will remind that the first game is a military shooter Battlefield, was presented in 2002 and has gained tremendous popularity. After there ten more games, events and some of them happen during the hostilities that took place in real life. For example, the game presents World war II and the Vietnam military conflict. According to statistics, over sixty million gamers were involved in a virtual standoff.

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