VIDEO: Fire at the Moschino show in Moscow

ВИДЕО: Пожар на показе Moschino в Москве
Such capital fashionistas have not seen!

Smoke, fire extinguishers everywhere, fire hoses, black soot from the faces of the bartenders! State of emergency of universal scale in the center of Moscow? No! This show of autumn-winter collection of Moschino. Guests of the show were simply blown away by the scale of what is happening. Team BOSCO di Ciliegi completely recreated what happened in Milan this spring. And it was epic. Evelina Khromchenko, fashion expert, who was present at both events, authoritatively confirmed: “Yes, in Moscow than Milan!” Same set: antique chairs, luxurious chandeliers with cobwebs, the antique rugs. Some of the things, incidentally, was specially sent from Italy.

The guests were shocked to the core. So much to think of! And those bartenders that made everyone cocktails. You anywhere else seen this? Here is a flight of fancy!

And, of course, the show itself. Designer Jeremy Scott was inspired to create this collection of “bonfires of the vanities”, which were held in Europe in the XV century, when people are very wealthy they burned books, paintings, luxury clothing. Hot trends of the season burn in the truest sense of the word. Maybe it is even too absurd mannequins in burns cigarettes dresses. And one of them was in a Smoking outfit. But the motto of the collection is “She is smoking”. But in English this expression is synonymous with the word “hot”. Designer is not just playing with words. He embodies them on the podium. So go to the public biker Chicks in black leather jackets and leather caps with the inscription “Warrior”. Difficult to grasp? But as impressive!

At the Moschino show

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event