VIDEO: Fedor Bondarchuk hit a young Director in the face

ВИДЕО: Федор Бондарчук ударил молодого режиссера по лицу
The quarrel of the producer with Molochnikova shot with a hidden camera.

The Network is gaining by leaps and bounds
the popularity of the video, where a hidden camera filmed the conflict Fedor
Young Bondarchuk and producer Alexander Molochnikova, not so long ago
they presented their debut album “Myths”.

VIDEO: Sergey Bezrukov fled from Alla Mikheeva

Shot on video, men first something
very emotionally discussing, and then moving from words to action. Alexander,
inflated to the limit from the overflowing of his feelings, emotionally hits
fist on the table, and in response, Fedor gets punched in the jaw Molochnikova. After
what goes with the words: “Ah, youth!” Some fans of Fedor was
surprised by his action, but most viewers of the movie, came to
the conclusion that this so-called “viral” video, and the scene,
played out between the two Directors — pure water production, designed
advertising Myths.

We will remind, the premiere of the film tells about the adventures of a foreigner in
Moscow, gathered all the light of show business. In the film Alexander Molochnikova played
stars such as Sergei Bezrukov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Paulina Andreeva, Irina Rozanova, Ivan Urgant and many others.