VIDEO: fans no longer recognize Olga Kabo

ВИДЕО: поклонники перестали узнавать Ольгу Кабо
The actress walked around the centre of the capital in the light of the Christmas outfit.

Olga Kabo before came into the main street of the capital in a suit of the snow Maiden to congratulate passers-by. Despite the cold, the actress had on a light overcoat walked around Tver and congratulated all the oncoming happy New year.

By the way, Olga is not only dressed in the outfit’s chief assistant of Santa Claus, but disguised so that it became almost unrecognizable. Not surprisingly, almost none of the bystanders did not recognise the blonde maiden known actress. “Not found! Well, maiden!”, “Not to know. Awesome!”, “Wow, I didn’t know You in this way! Well, poured Nastenka from Morozko!” commented followers of Olga, with whom she shared a video and photos from an important event.

Olga Kabo

Photo: @kabo_olga Instagram of Olga Kabo