ВИДЕО: Веру Глаголеву проводили в последний путь
In the Moscow House of cinema was held the ceremony of farewell with the actress.

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Today the capital has hosted the ceremony of farewell with Vera Glagoleva, who departed this life August 16. Spend millions of beloved actress and Director came hundreds of people. Memory of Vera Vitalievna honored artist family: husband, daughter, grandchildren, and also her colleagues and fans. Conduct Glagolevo the last way arrived and her first husband, Rodion Nahapetov. The ceremony was also seen Glagoleva colleagues: Joseph Kobzon, Alexander Baluev, Tatyana Konyukhova, Valery Garkalin, Alexey Uchitel, Marina Mogilevskaya, Alena Yakovleva, Inna Churikova and others.

Hall of the Moscow House of cinema, which hosted the farewell with the actress, had for Vera Vitalievna of particular importance. It is at this stage Glagoleva presented to the audience their films and with a sinking heart, waiting for the “verdict” of the public. On the eve of the funeral, the eldest daughter Vera V. published address mother’s farewell letter. In it Anna nahapetova said that still can not believe what happened…