Video exclusive! The son of Vlad Listyev: “robbed of my childhood»

Видео-эксклюзив! Сын Влада Листьева: «У меня украли детство»
A candid interview with Alexander Listyev about working in television, a happy childhood, the famous father and independent life since the age of 15.

Видео-эксклюзив! Сын Влада Листьева: «У меня украли детство»

Alexander Leaves

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Vladislav Listyev, Alexander became
TV host. Together with Yana Churikova
he will lead the project “#namesake,
the broadcast which will take place in the Network 15 Feb,
a week later, the MTV show
a recording of the program. Before the start of the
music show we met up with
Alexander learned why, for many years
working on TV, he decided only
now “out of the shadows”, how was it
childhood and first years of work in Ostankino.

preparing for the interview, I found out about you
so much conflicting information,
that, sometimes, it seemed, we are talking about different

and about myself I learned a lot. When,
in connection with the opening of a Studio where
many years ago recorded such
masters, such as Vladimir Semenovich
Vysotsky, I decided to see what
write about me, the first thing I learned was,
what I happen to be the rider of the welder.
Supposedly abandoned, for the sake of your favorite things Institute,
now whether welding work part time,
whether on the motorcycle chase through the city. With
the profession of welder I at the very least
I did, but the biker? No, this is not
about me (smiles).

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Where did you work before you got
the offer to become the new presenter
show #namesake?

Ostankino. I came to television in
2002 in the office of the administrator.
I was brought by Alexander
Lyubimov. I always knew that I was going to work
only on TV. Some
teenagers in doubt, think what they
become. I was not like this. Everything is logical,
correct and natural: in front of me
was an example of the father. I even had
came to think about some other
professions. My dad was incredible
contact. Despite his strong
the employment, I never
lacked communication with him,
his attention. My father often took me with
a in Ostankino. In between
shots we definitely went in Ostankino
dining room having lunch together. I knew,
that daddy’s working. As, however, now
my kids understand that I work.

Looking for
you, I could not help remember all the time,
as Vladislav led their programs. You
remarkably similar. And not even the appearance,
namely demeanor.

I am often told that I look like my father
not only externally, but also facial expressions, manner
behavior, voice, laugh, movements.
Well, apparently in my case, the DNA test
not required (smile).

when you come to work in Ostankino,
all paid attention to your name?
Colleagues were aware that you — the son of Vlad

time tried not to advertise. But if
I was asked, I said that namesake.
While I’m not ashamed of my
father, no — I was very proud of him. Here,
rather, it was present some awkwardness…
And then, after a while, when they learned,
whose son am I, often heard: “Why are you just
not to say?”Well, I, with a banner
you had to walk? Yes, I am the son of Vlad
Listyev. So what? Never want
use the name of the father, in order
promote yourself. Always thought
to build the career you need using
their own achievements, and skills.
I’ve never traded famous

From what
your work began in Ostankino?

the project was “the Last hero”. Was
in Malaysia, Panama, Africa. Certainly.,
it was not easy, but it is on this project
I not only got professional
ties, most importantly, I gained friends there
for life, people with whom I communicate
still, I will always support,
will help in difficult times.

countries, perhaps, it was difficult to work with.
Everything that flies, crawls, often poisonous
and dangerous to life.

Sometimes the local fauna crept in
bungalows, the most frequent unsolicited
guests were iguanas. And one case I
so then I remember. Now, of course,
with a smile, and it wasn’t until
laughter’s. One late night, when
it was dark, I was asked to carry on
the venue of the Council a thing.
Which, to be honest, I do not remember. Night.
Jungle. I walk along the path with a flashlight
in the hands. Otherwise, jungle wild, roads
no, the car will not pass. Go through the narrow
the path, chopping off with a machete vines that prevent
pass. And suddenly, I feel like I
someone young hairy legs
enough for hair and neck…. On an island
there were many monkeys… I honestly,
was so stressed out that he began fiercely
waving a machete over his head. On
something got. And ran on.

I would fear numb and froze.

heroism, of course, was not. I
not Rambo. Just started waving
machete. He heard animal cries of pain,
and I answer too hysterically screamed and ran
to the venue of the Council.

How long
you worked, so to speak, in the field?

not graduated from University. And then
began to work on a permanent basis. I
graduated from UNIVERSITY with a degree in advertising.
But to this day have not created a single
commercial. Turns out it wasn’t
really my thing. But worked as a coordinator,
producer, Executive Director,
software. Did everything to end
the expense of shooting was successful and the project
take place. Before Ilya
Krivitsky, General Director
“Red square” has offered me
to become a leading, worked in this Studio
over special projects.

times you said, “it is Time to leave

it was, but basically it said friends
and wife. However, this appointment
enjoyable, but a natural coincidence
circumstances’. Everything happened so
well that I can’t even tell when
I decided to take the job
TV host. Conversations about it were
long ago. I waited to gain experience. I don’t
always been a man who could
any time the audience breaks out
speech. In the childhood did not read poetry, standing
on a stool, didn’t feel it
needs, and I don’t think I would feel
the pleasure of such a process.

By the way.,
curious to know how you were in

Could make a row, and still as I could. Honestly
speaking, even not want to remember. In
the youth were even problems with the law…
I was a typical kid and a rebel. Yes.
it is worth remembering the story of the car
accident when I was arrested with no rights,
in a drunken state. Yes, it was and, by the way,
this was the key moment in my
biographies. After this incident I
has become a completely law-abiding
citizen, and now my offense
limited to speeding
ten kilometers per hour, not more

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